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David Conquest

Technology content production. Profile and Portfolio

Why use me?

6+ years writing solution briefs, white papers, Medium articles, case studies, research reports, news articles, blogs and proof-edits.

​I specialise in Web3 and new technologies and can quickly research new topics to provide meaningful inputs. I know how to explain complex subjects in simple terms.

I have a tech background (BSc Computer Science) applied in sales, marketing and full-lifecycle product management in NFTs/DeFi, SaaS, ecommerce and managed services. I learnt crypto with UC Berkeley (achieving 92% score).

I made an international corporate IT career within companies such as Intel Corp, Travelport and 123 Reg (now Go Daddy UK) and now use my tech and business experience freelance. I know how to make the benefits of complex IT and commercial concepts simple and understandable for a senior non-technical audience.

My LinkedIn

Here is a selection of published articles and documents I have written on a wide range of technologies.

NFT News Articles

A series of news articles for US site which cover all aspects of NFT developments, art, utility, and business models. Subjects include marketplace developments, a wide range of PFP and other projects, the metaverse, diversity & inclusion, movies, music, play-2-earn gaming, etc.


OpenSea Breaks Through $10B in Sales but Market is Shaking Up

Meta Plans to Build a Creator Economy with $10 Billion Investment

Timbaland Releases New Music NFTs that Fans Can Remix and Sell

Fractal Launches Marketplace to Open Up Gaming NFTs and Play-to-Earn Business Models

C-level Benefits Paper

A B2B C-level benefits paper for an international software company demonstrating how to transform a cost centre into a profit centre. I interviewed a sales director and applied his experience from the point of view of a client's senior management team. One of several similar benefits papers for this client.


DeFi Managed Fund article

Written for Formation Fi to describe one of their managed DeFi investment funds. For the series, I interviewed a product specialist and independently researched the wider DeFi and finance subject area so I could explain their service in context. One of a series of eight articles I wrote for them being published on Medium.

Tech Disruption Case Study

An example of a case study I wrote for a Dutch management services startup. The founder and I interviewed his client on the benefits realised from the service when facing disruption from new entrants using Big Data. One of several papers including research results, blog articles and more case studies.


Crypto Vaults vs Indexes article

Written for Formation Fi as an introduction to the technology used in their service. I researched the subjects and their wider application to the crypto financial services industry. One of a series of eight articles I wrote for them being published on Medium.

Cybersecurity Technical Brief

A country specific brief aligning product features and benefits with the Singapore Digital Nation cybersecurity regulations to enable compliance. I interviewed a product specialist then researched and analysed the Singaporean regulations to match requirements to features. One of a series of documents covering financial services and general regulations in Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Australia, Switzerland and UAE.


Crypto Blog

My own crypto blog (in BETA), aimed at introducing the basic concepts to people with no experience in the tech or financial services sectors. I want to develop it to promote DeFi as a means of reducing wealth inequality and so not follow the example of trad fin which just exists to make the rich richer.

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